Grace Lutheran Church
4408 Redford Street
Port Alberni, BC, Canada

“Fixing our eyes upon Jesus that we may grow in love”

Grace Lutheran Church

Welcome to our church family and home page. To help you become more familiar with the Christians

gathered together under Grace Lutheran

Church we invite you to explore our pages

and links to the side and below. 


You are also invited to continue your

exploration in real life by stopping  in

to attend Sunday services, hear God's

Word and join our songs of praise.

Our church also offers Bible instruction

and discussion for people of all ages

and backgrounds. Lutheran education

centers around Christ and His message

of forgiveness and salvation and

we would like to share the power

and excitement of God's love with you!



Phone: 250-724-5032 Fax: 250-724-5032

9th and Redford, Port Alberni, BC

Sunday School: 9:45 am

Worship Service: 10:30 am.


Advent Worship Services at 4:00 PM

               Angels: The Ultimate Divine Messengers of Hope


           November 30    The Angel Gabriel Brings a Message of Hope in the

Midst of Unbelieving Doubt, Luke 1:5-25

            December 7      An Angel of the Lord Brings a Message of Hope in the Midst of Fear of the Unknown, Matthew 1:18-25

            December 14    The Angel Gabriel Brings a Message of Hope in the

Midst of the Seemingly Impossible, Luke 26-38



Christmas Worship Services

        December 24 at 7:00 pm    A Multitude of the Heavenly Host Announces a

Peace Which Brings Renewed Hope, Luke 2:13-14

        December 25 at 10:30 am   An Angel Brings Hope with a sign of God's

Presence in the Newly Born Christ Child, Luke 2:8-11